DNA d.o.o.

At DNA ltd we believe, that sailing is one of the most beautiful sports, taking place on the largest and also the most demanding playground.

We are of the opinion that only the best equipment is good enough for the high seas. Therefore, every crew of a sailboat deserves only the best in terms of functionality, safety and design. As we are also involved in long distance sailing, we are aware of the importance of choosing the right equipment that will ensure our sailing pleasure and also independence in terms of energy supply.

At DNA, we represent only the top equipment of world-renowned manufacturers. Our offer includes:

Gori Propeller probably the best folding propellers for sailboats

Elvstrom Sailmakersone of the largest lofts in the world famous for the quality of its sails and innovation

Jefa Rudder and Jefa Steering steering systems, rudders and rudder bearings for sailboats

Lopolight LED navigation lights

Watt & Seawhich produces removable hydro generators and lately also  hydro generators  for fixed installation (POD version)

Reckmannproducer of sail furling systems and rigging hydraulics of the highest quality

Ronstan deck gear for all kinds of sailboats and safety rail systems for super yachts

Andersen, who makes the best winches in the world

Nomen, a manufacturer of stylistically and functionally sophisticated folding bollards

BSIrod rigging

Moonlight hatches and port lights for boats

Walder boom brake

Oscarmachine vision for safety at sea increasing navigation safety

In addition to the equipment, from 2018 we continue to represent the Danish X-Yachts, which from 2002 to the end of 2018 was successfully represented by sister company X-Yachts Jadran.

We will be happy to advise you. Please feel free to contact us: +386 41 730 970